Dine in for a cause.

MBR Smart Majlis.

MBR Smart Majlis is an initiative by the Government of Dubai, serving as a digital platform that invites active participation from all individuals and organisations to contribute to the advancement of the city. By doing so, it aims to propel Dubai years ahead, solidifying its status as the world’s most innovative city.

In the current era of smart cities and Dubai’s flourishing community, the necessity for a Smart Majlis is evident. This platform is designed to continuously welcome and gather ideas and feedback, creating an inclusive space for everyone. The goal is to fortify Dubai’s standing across diverse fields and sectors, ensuring it remains at the forefront of progress and development.


In 2017, the UAE introduced the “Year of Giving” initiative, encouraging residents to embody the spirit of generosity towards those in need. Individuals and organizations were also welcome to contribute their ideas in support of this initiative.

MBR Smart Majlis received over 60,000 diverse ideas and concepts from around the world, among which we also submitted our concept titled “Dine in for a Cause.” This thoughtful initiative provides a platform for the entire public in the country to actively participate in real-time “Giving” to those in need.

In perfect alignment with the UAE’s initiative, the “Year of Giving,” our concept received approval from MBR Smart Majlis. This approval came as a pleasant surprise and is, by far, the highest achievement we’ve attained. Nailed it!