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Sanju Samson & Sneh rana

Sanju Samson, a renowned Indian cricketer, leads the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, while Sneh Rana, another distinguished Indian female cricketer, has also left a significant mark on the cricket scene in India and she is also the vice-captain of Gujarat Giants in the WPL.

Regarding the projects scheduled with Rhiti Sports, we sought cricket players whose vision aligns with that of our projects. We engaged in discussions with various players to assess their compatibility with our project.

Its evolution in a changing world. It reflects dedication to sustaining and enhancing cricket’s appeal, transcending traditional boundaries and resonating with audiences in new and impactful ways. : The project’s creative cricket promotion excited both players, reflecting their enthusiasm for its unique approach. Their eagerness arises from recognizing a global demand for initiatives that elevate cricket’s status. Players swiftly embraced the opportunity, showcasing a proactive stance toward addressing the evolving sports landscape, emphasizing the pivotal role of such projects, particularly in the digital age.

Players not only endorse the project’s impact but stress the need for innovation in cricket promotion, given contemporary challenges and evolving audience dynamics. Their active participation underscores a shared commitment to cultivating cricket’s popularity through unconventional means. Positioned at the sports-technology intersection, the project addresses contemporary cricket challenges, capitalizing on players’ influence and aligning with their vision for a digitally adaptive cricket landscape.

This project signifies a collaborative effort between players and Eighty20 to not just promote the sport but contribute meaningfully to

In perfect alignment with the UAE’s initiative, the “Year of Giving,” our concept received approval from MBR Smart Majlis. This approval came as a pleasant surprise and is, by far, the highest achievement we’ve attained. Nailed it!