Community Building.

The Grillax.

The Grillax, India’s premier grilled resto cafe, pioneers precision in gastronomy. With a commitment to authenticity, every dish undergoes meticulous preparation, ensuring consistent taste. Their innovative approach to grilling, cutting-edge technology, and community engagement make Grillax a distinguished brand, setting new standards in the culinary landscape.

While The Grillax is already a resto café with a global approach, they were seeking a strategy to eliminate competition and become a global brand.

After spending considerable time with the founder and directors of The Grillax, we’ve identified specific areas that could benefit from refinement. Notably, The Grillax consistently delivers high-quality grilled cuisines with exceptional consistency, coupled with top-notch ambiance. Understanding the purpose, vision, and mission of the founders, we have developed a robust brand strategy focused on enhancing the identified areas.

Presently, we are in the process of creating additional reasons for customers to emotionally connect with the brand beyond just food and ambiance, aligning with the established brand strategy. The Grillax has experienced exponential growth, boasting six outlets already – three in Calicut, two in Kochi, and one in Kannur. Furthermore, a Kuwait outlet is set to open, with additional outlets in the pipeline.