Repetition in some contexts can be boring. Not so with your brand.

Repeating core attributes or strengths of what you offer is a necessity. Those core strengths are what create your brand. They help your prospective clients and customers to recognize you.

Your brand distinguishes you, sets you apart. The process of creating a brand is getting really clear about your or your business’ strengths, and repeating that message, over and over.

The more consistent you are, the more easily recognizable your brand becomes over time.

I know I used to be afraid of repeating myself too much. What if my prospective clients think I have nothing new to say, that I’m being boring, or that I am hammering a point to death. You might feel the same way!

In reality, people do not hang on every word that you say or write. Not surprising, right? People tune in for a bit, then go off to other things before (hopefully) coming back. When you offer great information, they’ll be back.

And each time they do come back, by repeating yourself, you increase the likelihood that they will hear the key points you want to make about the value that you offer.


We all learn by repetition. Marketing your product or service really is a form of teaching. It’s teaching clients and prospective clients or customers about the value of what you offer.

So going over the same point in different ways, over time, makes a significant impression. You want your message to stay with people, so you can deliver the awesome service or product that you are making available.

Repetition serves an additional purpose. It provides stability through consistency. People know what to expect from you, and that helps support them in making a buying decision.

Not only does repetition strengthen your branding message, it makes you more likeable to those automated search engine algorithms that determine your ranking in online searches.

Here’s an easy way to approach this whole branding idea: think of 5 words or phrases that highlight your best traits, your biggest strengths. Work from the perspective of your business offerings: what is the best of what you offer? These strengths form the core attributes of your brand.

Repeating those strengths will reinforce in people’s minds the essence of what you do, the heart of it.

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