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Brand Identity

We are a British company offering high quality, health & wellness products that will keep our customers healthy, make them feel good, look beautiful and live longer.

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main roles


project timeline

the brief

The project was to complete a website with branding which was to be completed in a short period (3 weeks) and was also one of the best work we have done so far , we had overcome many situations and were very pleased with the result we got. The client was also very happy with the result.

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Problem & Solution

Being organic is lot more that what we assume. It’s a way of life. Met up with a group of passionate organic freaks, they have educated us with the concept of “being organic”. The second buzzword they had used over and over again was “simple and simplicity”. We got it!

A simple logo yet communicating the concept, that was what our target. But at the same time the logo had to be good enough for the label design as well. We really had to dig in the concept to achieve all the targeted aims. And the baby is born!

The results

The final result of the work was a very amazing the client was very much impressed with the work and also we people was also very happy with it .We didn’t except the outcome to be like this as the client was very much impressed with the work

Your brand is the most important part of your business which shows the authenticity and quality and so brings sales and loyalty. We cerate and develop brand strategies, products and services that matter to your business target.