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Brand Identity

Miyar Foods provides healthy, ready to eat, ready to cook packaged food as part of an initiative to transform and revitalise the food industry of Middle East.

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main roles


project timeline


We recently opened our new factory in Salman Industrial Area to meet the increasing demand for quality food products in the Bahraini processed food industry by introducing new production line of own branded ready-to-cook & ready-to-eat food products like Spices, Spice blends, Pickles, Coffee, Flavored Nuts, Pulses, Lentils, etc.

Launch Project

The challenge

Met up with passionate businessmen at Miyar. Right from the very beginning their vision was very clear. Providing healthy, ready to eat, ready to cook packaged food to its customers. So they want the concept of “farm to fork” to be reflected in the entire branding process as well.

The solution

We have made a strong strategy to communicate. We have started with the green colour and talked about the freshness at the first place. We built a body to carry the green freshness! Then the name Miyar has bisected the green lush.

The results

Preparing the brand guideline was a hefty job for this project as they wanted to focus on providing simple and minimalistic .Our designers worked har in giving the work at the given scheduled time the client was very much happy with the branding we provided

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