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Event Branding

Lividus serving the world- with quality pharmaceutical products, committed professionals, day and night support in any healthcare needs.

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LIVIDUS Pharmaceuticals

Lividus a truly 21st century Life Science venture formed with a very defined vision to deliver affordable pharmaceutical products in utmost quality and respecting the humanity. The company runs on predefined process flow abide by international standards in each and every part of the organization.

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The challenge

A well-established pharmaceutical company was after an effective event branding. Since the event was for their customers, and they are already well informed about the event, they wanted to give more focus to brand awareness than the event details.

The solution

Even though the branding guidelines were well conveyed, we had to ensure that event details are given a prominent space in the branding, yet less prominent in the overall look and feel. To do that we had to play with colours, spacing and structures a lot until we finally achieve it.

The results

This project was mainly like an offline project where we had done many events to promote their products to people. we had created many video ads and the client was very happy with it

Your brand is the most important part of your business which shows the authenticity and quality and so brings sales and loyalty. We cerate and develop brand strategies, products and services that matter to your business target.