Concept Bank.

Eighty20 Creative boasts a robust concept bank comprising top-tier business ideas spanning diverse industries, earning accolades for its exceptional creativity from governments and esteemed entities. The company prides itself on exclusively engaging with extraordinary concepts, emphasizing that ordinary businesses and ideas are outside its scope of interest. This commitment to uniqueness underscores Eighty20 Creative’s dedication to pioneering innovation and distinctive solutions. The acknowledgment from governments and prestigious parties highlights the company’s impact and recognition in the realm of groundbreaking business concepts, setting it apart as a leading force in the creation of innovative ideas that transcend conventional boundaries.

Ready-To-Launch Iconic Business Concepts.


Introducing the world's first Junior School for Business, revolutionizing education for 5th to 12th graders. Focused on experiential learning, it cultivates entrepreneurship, leadership, and critical thinking for real-world success.


Revolutionizing tourism with the world's first Virtual Tourism Company, offering inclusive exploration for diverse audiences, overcoming travel barriers and more through innovative virtual platforms, and redefining global experiential travel.


Unveiling a groundbreaking search engine for passionate travelers, integrating VR and AI for immersive previews, transforming travel planning into a personalized and captivating adventure exploration experience.


Revolutionary restaurant: No staff, no counters. Patrons control their dining from dish selection to payment. Technology and innovation redefine the culinary landscape for an unparalleled, autonomous experience


Introducing a revolutionary 360-degree security solution for child safety during school commutes. Real-time tracking, attendance verification, and bus sensors ensure comprehensive protection, transforming child safety in schools.


Unite football enthusiasts worldwide, fostering a vibrant community. This unique project leverages shared passion, driving organic growth and diverse revenue streams within the global football-centric space.


A restaurant reimagined as a perpetual source of care and support for less privileged communities, blending gastronomy and philanthropy to create a lasting legacy of compassion and kindness.


Revolutionizing the supermarket experience, this concept prioritizes seamless convenience. Customers effortlessly navigate a personalized space, unaware of the tailored design, emerging with unparalleled ease and satisfaction.


Creating a global lifestyle community transcending physical boundaries, fostering diverse events and revenue streams. A hub for cultural exchange and shared experiences, redefining hospitality and community building.


Experience dining like never before with our immersive restaurants, where every detail tells a thematic story. From captivating decor to interactive elements, redefine traditional dining into unforgettable multisensory adventures.


Crafting unique business concepts tailored to your profile, expertise, and passions. Our service delivers innovative, feasible ideas that align with your distinct identity and ambitions for success.